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Morgan McNulty

Posted on July 10 2018

Wondering how you can add Dixieline Threads to your baby registry?

I totally wish I would have known about this a year ago when I was making my last baby registry ever because 😱 the cool stuff I could have added! I stumbled upon an app called “BABYLIST” from Apparently it’s the new trendy thing because I am seeing all of my mommy to be friends making them.

Long story short you can add ANYTHING from ANY website. Saw something on Etsy you like? You can add it. Saw something on Target and Amazon? You can add them! AND you can add “favors” like someone can select that they’ll bring a home cooked meal, will clean house, etc. WHAT?! Right?

Now, I set up the app and the desktop version just to see what both looked like and both are extremely user friendly. I personally like the desktop better just because I’m blind as a bat and like to be able to see things clearly 🤦🏼‍♀️.

After reading a ton of app reviews I thought I’d share some of the things people learned while using the app

1. Someone said they didn’t like how instead of just adding a bunch of stuff to one cart they couldn’t - because they are all from different stores. So what she did was instead of organizing the categories by item (clothing, bath, etc.), she organized them by STORE. So if someone wanted to buy more than one item from Target they could. ALSO, when buyer wants to buy multiple things they have to click “reserve and keep shopping” then once they’re done they’ll have to click “click to buy” on each item. Which is kind of annoying but I guess the only way you can do it.
2. I read that someone added something from the store they have through their app and it took 3 weeks. Which is fine if you have 3 weeks but most people these days are on Amazon Prime time.
3. Some people are store shoppers - which is fine too! But, make sure to tell the buyer if they do that to go to the registry and click “Ive purchased this item” so you don’t end up with 10 packs of burp cloths.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone but for the people like me that hated having multiple registries and liked to try to find the best items at the best prices this may be for you!

To conclude I’m not at all affiliated with this app - I just like to try to pass along cool things. ;)

Happy shopping!

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