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    Choose between one and three sweatshirts that will have a MYSTERY print you’re bound to love! All prints will be prints we offer in the shop but, will be a completely random item to prevent duplicates!


    YOU PICK THE DESIGN - WE PICK THE SHIRT. Pick the design and we'll select an item based off your preference! A mystery grab bag with just a bit less mystery!


    Again, choose between one and three t-shirts and they will be something NOT offered on the website! Great for customers who have given us the opportunity to make them a ton of different items and trust us to pick something for them or for someone who just wants to try us out as a low price!

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Have a million mom related tee’s & want something different?


    Our mission has and will always be to find clothing that will fit women that are a size XS just as well as a 4X. We will continue to test products that you will ALWAYS feel comfortable in no matter what size you are. 


    Mama ran business on the border of Texas and Arkansas. I've always had a love for creating - so, VOILA! Here is a piece of my creativity on t-shirts. I started this business when my twins were a year old and we were pinching pennies to buy set upon set of diapers. I (what I consider a huge blessing) have one of those "gag me" type marriages where I would be with my husband 24 hours of the day if I could. I was a stay at home mama because... well, daycare for twins would be all of my paycheck and then some anyways. I was tired of NOT seeing my husband. He worked 3 jobs to keep us afloat so, I knew I had to do something to help. I learned to crochet fairly quickly and started selling scarves. Shortly after, my husband was down to just 2 jobs. Shortly after that, I put all my creative juices into designing. And, you get the picture. We've had high highs and low lows as a family and THAT it why I strive every day to nourish this business like a fourth child. I make every single shirt myself to this day (my husband helps when he can, too) to try to ensure the best quality. So, every single shirt that leaves this business is made with lots of love and care. Thank you from our family for supporting this small business! 

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