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Hi, friends! I'm Morgan - the chaos coordinator of Dixieline Threads!

DLT is a one woman owned and opperated small shop in a border town of Arkansas. In 2015 in between naps and breakdowns of my then 2 year old twins, I taught myself how to crochet and started selling my scarves and ear warmers to friends (hence the business name). 

I am someone that has to remain busy even if my wheels are running on low tread. But, my main reason for entering in on the this new business endeavor was to bring something to the table and help my husband. Prior to my husband and I getting the shock of a lifetime with TWINS, I was in nursing school with of course, the goal of becoming a nurse. My pregnancy was less than a fairytale which ultimately resulted in our babies being born 9 weeks early and spending the first 5 weeks of their lives in the NICU which impacted my (then) nursing dream. 

With twins, the only way we could afford childcare is if I stayed home and he worked. A few months in, with my side hustle crochet skills (I'm obviously hyping myself up because I was mediocre at best) I was able to save up enough to buy an embroidery machine which long story short is when the t-shirt era started. 

After having twins, nothing fit the same. I wanted to hand select apparel that I believed would fit ALL body types no matter what walk of life someone was in.

My passion has always been to create but I wasn't ever sure what that outlook looked like and assumed it would always just be a lifelong hobby. I would have my "real job" and all the other creative aspirations would come second. Now, I pride myself on creating and designing every single design we have and have truly something I wake up excited to get to do every single day.

Through DLTs years, we have welcomed our third and final member into out tribe - and, if you're wondering, my husband now gets to be the hands on dad he always dreamed of being and is home by 5 pm (or I'll call him obsessively until he gets here to take over this role of parenthood because whew.... mama needs a break).

Thank you for choosing to shop small. In doing so, you've supported a family. And for that, we are eternally grateful!


Each order that leaves the shop is printed by hand with care and every design is created specifically for DLT. I have poured so much of myself throughout this business from designing, to printing, to packaging and even marketing. So your order is truly creating our families livelihood & so very much appreciated!

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